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Leading economist Harry Dent reveals new insights and economic predictions that may SHOCK you, but also provide you with great COMFORT to protect & build your wealth.
Hi. This is Harry Dent.
And I’m urging you to listen carefully to this video until the end because I believe the message I’m sending you today is one of the most important you’re likely to hear in your lifetime.

I’m here to tell you about 2 major predictions I’m forecasting that could begin to take place as early as the next few months.
The Dow’s catastrophic plunge all the way down to 6,000 and Australian’s property market crash.

This is one of the most specific and widest-ranging predictions I’ve ever made.
Which is why I’m coming to Australia in a city near you to share with you, LIVE and in person what my research reveals about the future of the Australian property market, the world economy in general and what we’re about to experience on the stock market.

And it won’t be the first time I’ve been right “on the money” with my big picture forecasts.

You see, over the last three decades, I’ve been using known economic and demographic trends to predict major economy and market shifts with uncanny accuracy.
If you know my work – and that of my firm, Dent Research – you know we’ve helped a lot of investors save money and become wealthy by accurately forecasting major economic events over the last three decades.

We gained national attention for our work in warning investors of the 2008 credit crisis and subsequent stock market collapse, many months and years before it happened.
And just recently, we called oil’s shocking crash, the dollar’s surprising rise, and the collapse of gold in 2013 when it broke below $1,525 among many other events.

Do you know how crazy people thought I was when I was making these predictions way before they happened?

But I’m not talking to you today to brag about our past successes.

I reference our forecasting success because our research tells us we’re now in an economic cycle that will almost certainly greatly impact your life, your family, your business and your investments for the next 3 to 5 years.
Much of the Main Street media and many economists want you to believe that we’ll never see a crash or recession again.
Let me warn you: That’s NOT what my research says…

In short, there’s a “perfect storm” of economic and demographic realities brewing that will likely make the rest of this decade one of the most trying times in the world’s economic history.

But, please, also understand that there’s a tremendous upside to what will unfold over the next several years and beyond.

After all, when you’re able to know what’s coming – and position yourself accordingly – the years ahead could be very prosperous times. In fact, we’ll see the greatest “sale” on financial assets of your lifetime – as it occurred in the 1930s.
You’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to:

Protect yourself from financially devastating stock market and real estate losses by preparing before the carnage begins…
Earn millions through specific “decline-related” investments year after year, over the next several years…
Create a “legacy of wealth” by snapping up nearly every investment you can think of, at fire sale prices…
Set yourself up for the next long-term “boom cycle”, which is set to begin around 2023…
Retire in luxury, with enough money to live like a millionaire and leave a “legacy of wealth” to your children and heirs.
In short, you’ll have an opportunity to transform your financial life faster and more radically than any other boom market.

But before I go any farther, let me set the record straight…

I take no pleasure in telling you what’s in store for Australia, the rest of the world and the stock markets in the months ahead.

I’m not a “doom and gloom” kind of person by nature, nor in my professional work.

I was the most optimistic economic forecaster since innovating my best indicators back in the late 1980s.

I have no political or economic agenda.

I am simply an economic realist…
A Harvard MBA graduate and Fortune 100 consultant simply following what I know from our research, and the historical data behind it, to its logical conclusion.

Last year the Australian media was calling me “crazy” for thinking that the Australian property market would crash… And if you look at what the Australian media has been saying now… is what I was warning about a year ago! 60 Minutes Australia for example aired an entire documentary a few weeks ago claiming that up to two-fifths of your home’s worth could be wiped out in 2019.

The Sydney morning Herald stated only a few days ago that the Australian property prices are facing the ‘longest downturn in decades’.
This is exactly what I was warning about last time I visited Australia and the media was calling me crazy, an idiot and a quack.

This predictive success is not some fluke or “voodoo magic”.

I claim to have no crystal ball or special powers.

What I do have, however, is a firm grasp and understanding of the economic, demographic, and historical trends that make these events virtually preordained.
When you know things like:

Every 500 years there’s a “mega innovation” – like the printing press or the computer – that forever changes the way we live and leads to decades and centuries of prosperity…
Every 250 years or so we see upheavals in nations and institutions – like the American Revolution and Industrial Revolution or what’s happening today in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the emerging world – that lead to greater freedoms and human rights, and will expand our freedoms in the developed world as well.
Every generation has a known spending cycle that impact markets in predictable ways: From the time we’re born, to when we buy everything from music and potato chips to cars and homes, to when we slow down our spending and start saving for retirement …
That our economy has peaked every 40 years on generational cycles, almost like clockwork and that commodity prices peak every 30 years …
When you know these things – and apply good science to it all – it really is amazing how clear the future becomes… and how wealthy you can become knowing it.

Once I show you some of the things going on concerning the latest demographic and socioeconomic trends – and how unstoppable their effects on the economy will prove to be…
I think you’ll be not only convinced, but amazed, too.
Let me explain.

The Last of the Big Spenders
The last of the Baby Boomers are either retired or they’re saving for their retirement years.

The economic impact that will have on the years ahead is going to be devastating…

And when you combine this demographic-economic reality with everything else happening with the economy – unprecedented debt levels, currency volatility, a failing banking system, and the fact that we’re on the tail end of one of the greatest technological eras seen since the industrial revolution – it paints a troubling picture for the years ahead.

Now… my research suggests the effects of these events will begin to come to a head in the next few months, if not sooner….

Many investors will make the mistake of thinking the economy is humming along nicely… that the bull market will continue to charge upward.

But it’s just not true.

Instead, when that final trigger fires, which I believe will be in four to five months or less, everything will unravel.

Markets will wind down week after week all the way to 6,000.

Australia’s debt crisis or “debt bomb” as it’s been called, will see Australian house values plummet in value by up to 40%.

But remember why I’m here to tell you this…

Not only can you protect yourself from what’s ahead… you can make fantastic profits too.
Some of the greatest fortunes in history were made not in boom times, but in down economies… by people who understood exactly what was going on.

The Kennedy fortune was made that way… by selling stocks at the top in 1929 and then buying up cheap companies and assets during depression-era America.

Even Warren Buffett launched his career that way… buying stocks on the cheap in the 1970s when nobody else had the stomach for it.

The point is, when you can be confident about where the future is heading – when you know with certainty which markets and investments will be impacted – there’s no limit to how much money you can make.

During the depths of the 1990 recession for example, in anticipation of our predicted bull run you could have bought Microsoft, already a household name, for 85 cents a share and watched it rocket to over $58 a share…

What a lot of investors don’t realize is you can make great fortunes in a down economy as well.
Knowing the Future Can Make You Wealthy
The secret is knowing what’s coming and when it’s coming… and then preparing yourself accordingly. That’s the power of good research.

That’s why securing your ticket to my LIVE and in person conference in a city near you, is one of the best decisions you’ll make in your lifetime.

Because at this conference, myself and 3 notable personalities and experts on wealth creation will reveal:

Why we’re headed for another great crash… you’ll also know the specific time period it will most likely happen…
The concrete ways to profit, including a little “insurance investment” you can make right now that will cost you a few hundred dollars, but could make you wealthy as the markets fall to my predicted targets.
How you should prepare for these events with regard to your investments, your business, and your life…
The ways not only to shield your money from what’s to transpire in the coming months, but to profit handsomely too.
The rare opportunity to generate a family fortune once 2023 rolls around.
Why deflation – not inflation – will be the order of the day, likely from around 2018 into 2023…
Why the Great Real Estate Bubble which Happened Between 2000 and 2005… is Back and Ready to Burst Again
The future of the Australian housing prices over the next several years.
The future of European countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain and Germany and the consequences on the world’s economy.

Guest 1: Sean Allison

Sean Allison is regarded by many as a global expert on “options trading” – and will be showcasing a proven “systemised process” that has greatly benefited his clients with risk aversive stock market investments.

Guest 2: Mal Emery

In Australia, Mal Emery has been dubbed the “Million Maker” and the “Napoleon Hill” of the 21st Century for his uncanny ability to show ordinary folk where the money is in business.

Arguably he is responsible for helping create more first generation MILLIONAIRES and MULTI-MILLIONAIRES in business than anybody else in Australia. ­­­­

Mal is a self-made from scratch multi-millionaire, who has a 43-year Documented Track Record, turning over millions of dollars for himself and his clients.

Guest 3: Ian Ugarte

Ian Ugarte has been featured in many media outlets for his smarter, faster and lower-risk way of generating high returns thanks to a niche investment strategy.

His strategy has been supported by state and local governments and favourable laws have been written to encourage it.

In short, if you see and trust what is coming our way, it’s your opportunity to make a lot of money… and we plan to tell you how to do that every step of the way.

The events I will describe at the conference are not only inevitable and necessary… they’re desirable.


Because with any major shift in economic direction comes enormous profit opportunities.
By securing your ticket now before it’s too late and they’re all gone, you’ll know what’s coming next… where the immediate opportunities are… and where to park your money for the longer term. You’ll have the necessary information at your disposal to survive and prosper from the volatile times ahead.

Tickets are only $97 because I believe regular people trying to protect their families and their life savings are the people who need to attend this conference the most right now.

Plus, when you secure your ticket today, I’ll also give you complimentary copies of my latest research, that is not available to the public:

Research Report #1: How to Get 10-20 Times Richer in the Coming Great Western Depression.
Consider this your “To-Do List” for profiting through the years ahead.

Tops on the list: Trades to make to preserve your cash in the depression.

Research Report #2: The Last Five Standing: Five “Corporate Eldorado’s” that Will Dominate the New Economic Order.
Winter Economic Seasons spell doom for thousands of poorly managed and bloated companies. But there is always a handful that not only survive such shakeouts but out-and-out thrive. I’m talking cash-rich companies who sell what’s needed in difficult times and who instigate a smart and aggressive strategy of expansion and market consolidation. In the ’30s and ’40s, companies like Procter & Gamble, Bethlehem Steel, Borg Warner and Skelly Oil (now Chevron Texas) delivered returns as high as 16,578%.

In Last Five Standing we’ll tell you who we think the next shakeout winners will be to deliver 16-to-1 gains (or better) to anyone who gets in at just the right time.

Research Report #3: 12 Steps to Survive and Prosper in the Winter Season.
The key to successfully surviving and profiting from major economic and market shifts is to prepare for when they come.

In this report, you’ll learn which assets you should be keeping and which ones you should be selling now… important cash strategies for making sure your money is safe from the many ways banks, governments and corporations will try to usurp your money to pay their bills… and how to organize your finances so you can be generating maximum cash and income, 24 hours a day.

But that’s not all…
Tickets include complimentary morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

I’m also bringing in my Australian team of experts that will help you secure and grow your wealth like never before.

So make sure you secure your place before it’s too late. Once the tickets are gone, they’re gone and we won’t be making any exceptions.

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You’re either absolutely thrilled with what you discover or you are eligible for a full refund.

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I look forward to seeing you soon!

Harry S. Dent, Jr.

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